Friday, August 23, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: Welcome to the Microconsole Generation

by Tadhg Kelly, Creative Director, Jawfish Games
·         Summary: Microconsoles (small Android consoles) will make a big splash in the games industry, as it offers an experience that maturing casual gamers are looking for.
·         “Microconsoles” are small Android consoles like the Ouya, Gamestick, Bluestick Gamepop, and the Madcatz Mojo.
·         Imagine a casual gamer who plays lots of games and pays for a few of them. They are frustrated with small mobile games and becomes interested in something else. However, they don’t want a big black hardcore console and they don’t want to buy discs. They will want microconsoles because the business model is something they’re used to (free-to-play downloadable games).
·         As an industry, we like to think about things in paradigms. The games industry will be puzzled with microconsoles blow up. “Why would people buy weak devices? Why would controllers get dumber? Why would games devolve?”
·         Microconsoles will become popular because we like small, simple, easy, immediate, features that suit us, sharing, flexible pricing, playful… all properties of microconsoles.
·         There’s a fidelity fallacy… “people will never buy a A because B is so much better.” But history has proven that people are willing to buy the weaker hardware if it suits them better.

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