Saturday, August 31, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: Message or Media? Marketing Context Matters

by Matthew Kellie, Player Acquistion, Supercell
·         Summary: Create ad programs that are non-invasive, which drives higher intrigue and higher value customers.
·         Developers are performance marketers. We are accountable for the money we spend.
·         Two important KPIs (key performance indicators) are CTR (click-through rate) and CVR (conversion rate).
·         “Games are still a form of art, not a form of science. Games cannot be designed in a spreadsheet.”
·         Sometimes, the simplest and elegant solutions are the best. During the space race, the Americans built a hi-tech pen that could write even when the gravity was upside-down. The Russians just used a pencil.
·         If you change your message, you can shift perception. Message matters, but context also matters. If I told you that the Hilton Hotel was on fire, about 99% of the audience in the room would care. But if the news was about a hotel in another city, then the message becomes much less relevant.
·         Clash of Clans ran an ad on Skout, looking like a dating profile for the barbarian king character. The ad program was not invasive and fit into the context of the ad provider.
·         Ad programs that are not invasive provide higher intrigue, which in turn provides higher quality users (higher CTR, CVR, and LTV).
·         The four tenets to focus on are transparency, creativity, ad execution, and higher eCPM.
·         Get demographic information from Flurry, Facebook Connect, and clickthroughs.
·         Not all creative ads work. Supercell created a rich media ad for Hay Day using the swiping mechanism from the game. The ad did not work so well but there could be several reasons for its failure. It might now have been the right publisher or the right audience.
·         A way to measure ROI for offline ads is to check lift in organic installs and a halo effect on CVR.
·         Global marketing depends heavily on localization. Use localizers to alter the message.

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