Friday, September 20, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: Tune Your Designer/Developer Workflow

by Tom Krcha, Gaming Evangelist, Adobe Systems
·         Illustrator includes the new drawscript functionality, which converts your shapes to code.
·         Brackets is an open-source code editor that implements extremely well with Adobe products.
·         CreateJS is a HTML5 game engine backed by Adobe. CreateJS drawscripts are much more condensed and much of it is converted into binary code.
·         SVG is very powerful but has huge specification around it. You need to implement a rendering engine to use SVG to its full effect.
·         OpenFrameworks is a C++ engine that exports to Flash.
·         DragonBones is an open-source 2D skeleton animation solution that will be included in new versions of Flash. It will generate textures and XML automatically from time animations. It allows you to switch bones and sheets, allowing for real-time costume changes.
·         Flash can generate spritesheets from a timeline animation. It can also export animations to HTML5 and keep it in vectors.
·         New versions of Photoshop will allow you to generate all web assets, easily exporting all layers/assets automatically. The exportation is also completely live and real-time, so any additional changes will automatically update the files.

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