Saturday, September 21, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: The Perfect Store: Getting Users to the In-Game Store and Keeping Them There

by Yaniv Nizan, CEO & Co-founder, SOOMLA
·         SOOMLA offers developers the ability to create beautiful stores by providing a template and wizard. It supports Unity, Cocos2D, and native platforms. It is network connected and helps to optimize revenue.
·         The perfect store is a core part of the game, keeps users engages for long periods, and give users reasons to come back. Create an everyday shopping experience where users have to go in the store to complete the story. Give affordable items that enhance gameplay and give an immediate return on investment.
·         Store location is very important. Have the store come up after every level or session or when winning events. Make sure the store is always one step away.
·         Sell the value of your items. Visualize the attributes of the items, offer easy comparison, give many combinations, and prompt with “are you sure?”
·         Include some mystery. Have players unlock items, show silhouettes, and give surprise boxes. The store needs to evolve over time and not all options should be available from the start.
·         Keep it fresh. Unlock items with levels and upgrades, have seasonal items, and limited edition items.
·         Waiting mechanics work. Include fuel/energy/lives systems that take time to replenish. Include a bit of waiting in the store as well.
·         My takeways – Use short-term timers to keep players playing. When a player purchases an item, the item isn’t delivered until 5 minutes later. This will drive the player to play one more game while he waits for his item to arrive.

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