Thursday, September 19, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: Mobile Monetization Insights from Amazon

by Jason Chein, Director, Amazon Game Circle
·         Game Circle is a service from Amazon that provides achievements, leaderboards, and cloud save.
·         Amazon did a cohort analysis study, comparing the top 50 grossing games against the others. They found that the top 50 have higher session length per user and higher average selling prices, which lead to their higher revenue. The differences were in engagement, timeshare, and price ranges.
·         Customers who stay longer are willing to spend more. It’s about building relationships…
o    Engage customers early. 18% of customer’s value is realized on day 1.
o    Keep them in the game. 44% of repeat purchases happen within one hour after their first purchase.
o    Give them a reason to come back. 62% of revenue happens after day 7 and 35% after day 30.

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