Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: Transmedia: Taking Game I.P. to Hollywood and Beyond

by Scott Faye, Content Producer, Depth Entertainment
·         The social, mobile, and digital spaces have leveled the playing field. Hollywood studios and networks are no longer the gatekeepers of creative content development.
·         Major studios need content, as seen when Disney bought Playdom and when WB bought Kabam. They need business and games offer broad-based entertainment I.P. Games should move into the Hollywood space with greater quality control as it provides potent I.P. creation and ancillary creative development. Games are a viable 360 degree injection medium.
·         Rovio made 57% of its revenue from Angry Birds merchandising rather than games. They are also releasing a cartoon and an animated movie.
·         Other media platforms to move into are digital comics, print, web series, augmented reality, merchandising, music, film, and television.
·         Get a unique experienced I.P. development team and create an I.P. bible with your storyverse. The bible should have the key pillars that all projects will embody, including characters, world history, timelines, mythology, and the morality fulcrum.

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