Friday, September 13, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: Grow Big, Think Small, Unleash Your Game’s Customer Acquisition Potential

by Mitchell Weisman, Founder & CEO, LifeStreet Media
·         Summary: Sometimes the little things are the big things. The three things to keep in mind when dealing with high volume customer acquisition is that averages lie, real-time bidding is huge, and perpetual listing has come of age.
·         Averages lie. Let’s say you have a $1 average group and a $10 average group, which puts the total LTV average at $5.50. So you pay $3 for acquisition and find out that you don’t even get the high value users. You have to think smaller. Break the two groups into cohorts and buy the user groups separately. Pay $0.80 for the first group and $8 for the second group.
·         Real-time bidding is huge. You used to have to buy one price for all impressions, but now you can pay different prices for each impression.
·         Perpetual, automated testing is the way to go. Static, manual testing is no longer acceptable. You can use the RevJet platform for perpetual high velocity testing and optimization. This increases value of each impression and lifts RPM by 30%-100% or more.
·         Do a glance test (does the user quickly glance at your ad), then do a dwell test (does the user actually stare at the ad), then make a call to action. Animations can easily get a glance and strangeness of an ad can get dwells.

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