Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For Fans of Détournement

"Détournement" is short for "Deadly Tournament." The letter 'e' also replaces the letter 'a' for a reason which nobody can explain.

Détournements occur frequently and many video games have been made concerning this subject.

Often in these deadly tournaments, fighters will engage in a battle in which THERE CAN BE NO WINNERS!


In "A User's Guide to Détournement," Guy Debord writes, "détournement is less effective the more it approaches a rational reply."

What he means is that these tournaments are always more KICKASS when it involves irrational, brainless killing. Hence, "Unreal Détournement" is a very popular example.

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The King of Street Fighters said...

In case you're interested, those are indeed my Photoshop skills. The images and the text were done about a year ago for a Situationist International parody website.