Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding a Voice: Part 2

Moments after posting the previous entry, I went over to Michael Abbott's Brainy Gamer to listen to the latest podcast, where he interviews fellow blogger Leigh Alexander of Sexy Videogameland. It's a great interview so go check it out. What's interesting is that she too found herself in the same predicament as I am in, unable to find a voice. She eventually found a niche topic, that of hentai games, that gave her her distinctive sound.

This was a completely different solution than my proposal, which was to expand to a different form of communication altogether. She was concerned about her content, I was concerned about my medium. I guess I am too much into the Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the message" school of thought that I never taken my content into consideration. Hmm... trying to find a niche topic to talk about? That's going to happen with time. I'll just continue whacking away at all these thoughts in my head until I find it.

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