Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Casual Connect 2013: How to Monetize Emotions in Free-to-Play Games

by Julia Palatovska, Business Development Director, and Tatiana Timoshenko, Director of Licensing, G5 Entertainment
·         Summary: The core emotions to monetize are impatience, curiosity, comfort, and ambition. Don’t force players to pay, but make them want to pay.
·         Impatience – Players don’t want to wait. Allow them to pay to boost things up, expand their session time, or to skip grinding.
·         Curiosity – Announce new content ahead of time and have locked content that players can pay for.
·         Comfort – Pay to overcome restrictions, get tools for easier progression, and get protection from disasters.
·         Ambition – Pay to overtake friends on the leaderboards, have the best items, and own awesome things. Always compare players to their friends.

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