Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GDC2013 - WiiU Application Development with HTML5 and Javascript

  • Nintendo announces the Nintendo Web Framework (NWF), a framework that allows you to create applications for the WiiU with HTML5 and Javascript.
  • The WiiU offers dual screens (your tv and the gamepad), an internet browser, touchscreen, gyroscope, accelerometer, and support for Wii remote controllers.
  • WiiU also launched with web service apps such as Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Youtube.
  • Wii Street U is a new app by Google created using the NWF.
  • The NWF offers a great way to prototype traditional native games.
  • "Gunman Clive" is a 2D platformer game that was released on 3DS and in one month, outsold both its iOS and Android versions. There is marketing value in Nintendo hardware and people demand better controls that the WiiU can offer.
  • NWF runs on a Windows PC and is based on the Webkit framework. With Javascript extensions, it allows use of the touchscreen, gyroscope, accelerometer, and any of the WiiU-supported controls. It also supports save data, file I/O, software keyboards, video playback, and access to the Miiverse.
  • You can use standard HTML5 libraries like jQuery in your applications. The NWF Dashboard interfaces between your code and the WiiU hardwre. It will convert your gamepad touch inputs to mouse clicks. The Dashboard also comes with a web debugger/inspector.
  • NWF uses a fast Javascript virtual machine, GPA accelerated graphics, and a great bitmap/sprite renderer. The hardware can run GUI Mark 3 (a benchmarking program) at 60 FPS even when you increase the number of sprites drawn by 10.
  • The logo of NWF contains an image of a bamboo because the codename of the project was Bamboo. A bamboo's roots sprout from the ground very quickly, but it has a solid framework to support its fast growth. Likewise, NWF is a solid framework that supports quick development growth.
  • NWF is free to use after getting a WiiU devkit and they have a special introductory program for new developers.
  • Their business policy
    • No concept approval
    • Price and release date are independently set by developers
    • Distribution will be following industry standard models
  • ​In the future, NWF will also support Unity. Unity for WiiU will be distributed for free to all WiiU developers.

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