Thursday, April 11, 2013

GDC2013 - Live Streaming Video: Social Power to Games

  • Integrating live streaming into games, you can incorporate spectator interactions to influence outcomes. For example in sports games, there can be a "home advantage" where the player with more audience support gets a boost in gameplay.
  • Millions of people can upload, save, and share their gameplay stories.
  • In the future, the number of people watching live games will overshadow the number of players.
  • Live stream events are reaching TV broadcast-sized audiences. A network like VH1 lives off an audience of 20,000 and many popular streamed channels can get those numbers.
  • In the future, distribution will be everywhere from X-Box Live to Smart TVs to phones.
  • Popular streams include Dota 2, League of Legends, The Sims, FIFA, Mario games, and Magic the Gathering. Retro games are also huge.
  • To create a good streaming game, you need...
    1. ​​Awareness of spectators
    2. Consistency of experience
    3. Leaderboards
    4. World info (viewers know the state of the game at all times)
    5. Developer and publisher commitment
    6. Show official inside-the-game or behind-the-studio videos

  • ​​People need live real-time connections to their games. Riot built their business model around this and is incredibly successful.
  • Stream 101 - relax, production values are not important, stream often, have a voice, showcase your people and their personalities
  • Conclusion - game discovery is now video-based instead of text-based, the streaming community is growing fast, make the game "watchable", both fans and companies should stream

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