Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here comes a new challenger!

Hello and welcome to Theory Fighter, a blog dedicated to intellectual thoughts about the video game medium and the industry. Here, I will discuss the potential of the medium as an art form, how games change the way we think about the world, what other media can learn from video games, and some of my personal thoughts on good game design. Games are a young medium, ripe for academic and philosophical discourse, and I intend to contribute my two cents for what it's worth (hint: a whole two cents).

Now, a little background about myself. I've studied in the ways of the computer programmer, so I tend to have more of a technical bias in my observations and preferences. But it doesn't mean I value technology over artistry. I am also a part-time digital media artist, so I have a certain understanding and respect for aesthetic design, storytelling, and experimentation. I immerse myself in entertainment media every day -- video games, comics, toys, books, movies, television, music, the web -- I often find myself overwhelmed by my thoughts and I started this blog as an outlet for my maniacal theories. So thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more.

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